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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Making Digital Signage More Interactive

By making your digital signage advertisements more interactive you will engage viewers and provide them with a personal experience. By allowing them to select which media is played also gives them the option to make the experience more meaningful. The beauty is that the technology involved in digital signs is easy to use and doesn’t take a lot of time.

Using digital signs with touchscreen displays enables you to get customers directly involved, and given most people use touchscreen technology on the smartphones and tablets, the interface is easy to navigate. Although you can choose what content is available to the viewer, giving them a choice of things to watch makes the experience more personal.
Touchscreen monitors are also very versatile and can be used in practically any environment. By using interactive displays to trigger content, customers are more responsive and you have the opportunity to showcase your products through visual marketing strategies.

Digital signage alternatives

An alternative option to interactive digital signs that gives the customer the option to choose, you can dictate the nature of your content on a loop. However, rather than constantly playing the footage, you can still engage viewers by giving them a call to action such as “press here” on the display which then triggers your chosen content to play.
This is a simple yet effective tool as you are still interacting with the customer, but not constantly bombarding them with repetitive footage that plays on a loop. Giving viewers the choice to watch content and learn more about products makes them feel less subjected to marketing tactics and thus more likely to make a purchase.
The press here option has benefits for both you and the customer. You can control the content and the viewer has a choice whether to watch it or not. It is also a cost effective alternative than running several marketing campaigns in one go like you would have to do with the multiple choice strategy.

Unlimited marketing

Using digital signage to market your products and/or raise brand awareness gives you unlimited marketing opportunities which is more compelling for the viewer. Marketers are looking for new ways to make advertising more powerful and reaching out to your audience by actively engaging them and encouraging them to control the digital sign is a cost effective way of informing your audience directly.
If your marketing goal is to reach out to customers with technology that is completely modern and customizable, there is nothing more powerful than digital signage. Furthermore, advertisers do not get much window of opportunity to capture the customer´s attention, but by inviting the viewer to actively be involved in triggering the advertisement there is less chance they will tune out.

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