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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Why Not Try Something New At Your School/University?

Digital signage is scalable. It can adapt to the needs of schools and universities either through a single screen or multiple screens to educate, entertain or inform the entire education community. Deployed digital signage in schools and universities fits within places such as libraries, cafeterias, facility lobbies and even student lounges, and could be used to alert the campus of latest developments. Thus, it can serve as a significant link between the students and the school/university management.
Android digital signage for schools and universities offers a dynamic, real-time, relevant, easy-to-use and up-to-date communication solution which replaces static text and pictures with attention-grabbing displays that incorporate videos, highlighted images, TV and live social media to boost irresistible communication impact.
Way-finding, as well as restaurant/canteen menu displays have been some of the instances where digital signage for schools/universities has remarkably provided striking messages that boost return on investment and created a customer-pull. Some schools and universities have winding pathways leading to different faculties and departments – digital signage provides students and new visitors with a guide on how to navigate the premises, without asking people for directions.
In the same token, digital signage is an awesome way to catch the attention of potential customers. For instance, by posting standard menu and daily specials. It can serve as a means to encourage people to adopt a particular lifestyle such as the government’s campaign for healthy living.

Empower Students at your School/University with Digital Signage

Our Digital Signage Solutions can be employed within schools and universities to highlight safety and health issues; display academic achievement in external examinations and sports scores; and feed staff and students with breaking news. It can also be used to advertise facilities and resources to new parents who may be aspiring to enroll their children.
As well as using digital signage for schools/universities to enhance the information flow to staff, students, visitors and parents, it could also serve, not only to reflect school’s/universities image, but highlight extracurricular activities too.
If you’re a school or university and you’re using digital signage – tell us how you use it! What would you love to do in the future?

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