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Friday, September 9, 2016

5 Ways to Grab Attention with a Video Wall

These days, it’s difficult not to spot a video wall—typically a setup of multiple monitors—in shopping centers. However, retail isn’t the only sector using video walls to its advantage; educational facilities, hospitals, airports, places of worship, and workplaces are using them, too.
Video walls create an immersive, big-screen experience that never fails to capture eyeballs. They’re easy to update and use for multiple messages—your own or someone else’s. But video walls are large investments that have their challenges: Both installation and content creation require planning and expertise to be effective and avoid any equally large errors.
How can you use video walls to deliver impactful messages to your audience and make the most of your investment? Here are five expert tips that will help you reap the maximum benefits.
Choose the Right Spot
What is the square footage you need to fill? How much ambient light is present? What are the video wall’s cooling needs? Will it be recessed or on-wall? These are all factors that will affect where you set your video wall, and ensure that the equipment and technology you choose is correct.
Collaborate With System Integrators Who Know Their Job
It always pays to work with people who know what they’re doing. The same holds true for video wall projects. Getting experienced system integrators on board will ensure that your video walls are deployed the right way and that you get your money’s worth. From conceptualization to final execution, a good integrator will provide end-to-end assistance.
Identify and Understand the Goals Behind Installing Your Video Wall
Simply installing a video wall because your competitors are doing so is bad business. Instead, base your decision on the tactics you want to use to market your brand, and how adding a video wall integrates with those efforts.
The first question to ask before you pour any money into a video wall is: Why do you need one?
It’s wise to consider the following factors before making the move:
  • Location
  • Marketing goals
  • Budget
  • Type of content
Understand Which Type Of Content Will Work Best
This might surprise you, but the best hardware for your video wall depends on the kind of content you want to display, according to Steve Brauner, a senior product manager at Sharp Electronics. Will your ads have still images or video? Will it be interactive or incorporate social media feeds? Your search for display hardware and other components needs to factor in these requirements.
When creating your own video wall content, it’s important to maintain proper formatting. Needless to say, your visuals and copy must be compelling enough to draw maximum attention. It’s also important to test the campaign, to see how it appears in the real world to the final audience. You can then tweak it to perfection.
Keep Your Content Fresh
A video wall that displays the same old message for months is ineffective. Focus on updating your video wall content frequently with well-designed and useful content to make sure it’s fulfilling its purpose: Getting people to take notice. Stale content will lose viewers. Also be sure to provide a well-balanced mix of ads and informative content to engage your target audience more effectively. Weather forecasts, random quotes, riddles, and facts or trivia can be interesting additions.
Video walls get your message across to a wider audience and provide new and different ways for people to engage with your brand. Following these tips will ensure great returns from your video wall deployments.
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