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Monday, October 24, 2016

Improve Communications with Digital Signage

A sign of the times is how communicating with employees and customers is moving towards digital display rather than printed material from back in the day. Digital screens can be used to
  • Personalise displays to greet visitors by name
  • Promote products and services
  • Enhance and support your brand
  • Keep staff updated with key information
  • Provide Health & Safety information
Locate digital signage on your premises so you can target your messages at the people you want to take notice.  Information is input and managed from a single location that can output different messages on different screens simultaneously. This allows one display in public areas and another in staff zones.
Target personalized displays at your audienceMake a welcome impression by greeting individuals or groups visiting your premises or event with a personal message. This is especially useful at hotels; conferences and events where you want to add that special touch and communicate the latest information to visitors. You can even show room booking information which can be updated in real time.
Tell customers about products and servicesOn the sales floor, run your latest campaigns and give customers information about products or promotions. Run demonstrations alongside special offers so customers can see products in action and highlight the benefits of ownership. Inform customers about new launches or updated products.
Reinforce your brandMake the most of full colour HD video to enhance and support messages about your brand. Integrate your messages with live TV.
Keep your staff in the pictureShow stock or production information in work zones, like keeping staff informed about machine stoppages, delays or production metrics. Deliver health and safety information or training to staff in the areas where they need to maintain awareness. Away from production and sales areas, keep staff entertained and informed by displaying details of corporate news and social events.


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