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Friday, February 24, 2017

Benefits Of Video Conferencing In The Business World

video conferencingcredit photo:Video Conference for RBC I&TS Malaysia
In a world where people are becoming more and more busy in their daily lives, conferences and business meetings can become a slight issue. Attending a conference can cause an issue for certain business workers because they are already busy on vacation, need to take time out of their work or even on the other side of the world. With continuously evolving of technology and continuously growing the demand for productivity, video conferencing is becoming more and more used in the business world. Below are the several benefits of utilizing video conference technology in the business world.

Travel Costs

The first benefit and possibly one of the best reasons to embrace this technology is the reduce in travel costs. Travel costs can be anything between flight tickets to the amount of money dedicated to gas and public transportation. Business conferences are likely not a short distance away. For major companies, they can be across the city, across the country, or even across the world. Travelling far distances only to spend a day or two somewhere can really impact your businesses bank account. By using video conferencing, everyone is in contact, from home, the office, the park, on vacation and pretty much anywhere else with an internet connection. Workers can save hundreds and possibly thousands by using video conferencing.


Video conferencing also allows for a proper balance of work-life. It allows for people to be able to enjoy family time and personal time anywhere. There is no worry about leaving your family for a week or a weekend for a business conference. Video conferencing allows for workers to be home and attend the conference simply from their computer or tablet.


A third benefit of video conferencing is that it helps build personal relationships and hold good communication with every employee. As an employer or employee, having good a relationship status with co-workers and the boss is very important. Video conferencing allows for everyone to speak and share without the intimidation of being in a boardroom, sitting at a large spacious table.


Video conferencing also allows for companies to increase productivity and hold good competition for the competitors. Since video conferencing can be done from anywhere, whenever someone gets an idea for “the next big product”, they can quickly form a group conference call and share the idea. It prevents long travel time, pushing the actual conference date further down, allowing for the competition to catch up to whatever ideas may be floating around.
The benefits of video conferencing are major when it comes to productivity. It promotes good relationships in the workplace, it can drastically reduce travel costs, increase productivity, reduce downtime and it allows for a proper work-life balance. Video conferencing makes employees happier knowing they have time for themselves and their family, without the stress of spending a week or weekend abroad. It is important to take hold of the newest technologies available to the public, it can truly benefit anyone, including major corporations.
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