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Friday, February 24, 2017

Digital Signage: Eliminating the Need for Static Signs

digital signage For brands, the search for new ways to create meaningful and memorable interactions with their target customers is never ending. Communications channels like billboards and large static signs are becoming a thing of the past as interest in digital communications takes center stage. Today, digital signage is an easy way to attract attention to your company or product. Interactive screens that change information as needed are gaining popularity. Digital signage has all but eliminated the need for static signs for several reasons.

Digital Signage is More Cost-Effective

While a digital display like an outdoor LED screen may be more expensive up-front, the long-term costs pale in comparison to traditional static displays. After the initial investment, resource costs are drastically reduced and are typically limited to costs related to updating the content displayed on the signage. Unlike the static signs of old, no more contending with tearing down old signs and installing new ones, which represents real savings in labor costs, printing, and shipping. Of course, you’ll need to factor in future maintenance costs to cover screen breaks or replacement expenses for other components, but those costs are minimal in the long run.

Digital Signage is High-Impact

Digital displays grab the viewers’ attention immediately. Even in our peripheral vision we can identify static and moving objects and respond accordingly. People often walk by, glance at a static sign and don’t even register what they are seeing. By contrast, a digital display with moving pictures quickly captures and engages those who see it. Even minimalist digital displays can have a tremendous impact, and digital signs usually keep viewers’ attention longer than static signs. As customers wait in lines, browse through shopping centers, or sit in traffic, they are far more likely to notice digital displays than static ones.

You Have More Control

Digital signs offer unparalleled control. Creating new messages and visuals for your digital signs is as easy as uploading them. Additionally, your digital signage helps your company stay in line with the times. People may snicker at outdated static signs wondering “why haven’t they bothered changing this sign yet?” That won’t be your concern with a digital display. You can provide relevant and up-to-date information on your digital signs, and of course, even share real-time information as it is taking place. Public service companies use digital signage to warn the public of safety issues or weather and road conditions and to advise them of current events, train schedules, toll rates, and much, much more. Although many of these digital signs have existed in some form for years, we’re seeing more modern iterations that provide a more valuable experience to viewers.

Better Information Retention

Another benefit to investing in digital signs is that viewers are going to remember your sign more easily and in more detail. A quick clip, informational display, or real-time updates tend to make much more of an impact than conventional static displays, which most people see, instantly categorize as an “ad,” and move on. Instead of being quickly dismissed as just marketing, your digital signage can be both impactful and engaging to viewers. A Neilson study, published in 2015, found that brand recall is high among travelers who notice digital billboards. 75 percent of respondents reported having seen a digital billboard within the past 30 days. 65 percent consider digital signage a good way to learn about new business and 82 percent recalled advertising on the digital boards they had viewed. The study showed a 42 percent average ad recall for an individual digital billboard campaign, which is staggering considering how quickly we can identify, categorize, consume, and move on from pieces of marketing today.

More Than Just Marketing

Digital signage affords an infinite number of opportunities to connect with your viewers and to communicate more than your marketing messaging. Digital signage allows you to provide valuable information, entertaining content, and vital messaging that viewers will remember and even talk about with their family and friends. The cost savings and ease of use make the investment in digital signage a no-brainer for modern businesses. Connect with us to find out more about how Israk Technology can help you achieve your business and technology goals.


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