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Monday, March 6, 2017

A Small Business Guide to Creative Branding:

Israk Technology
A great sign is just the first step in building a highly visible and positively received brand for a small or medium sized business. In our years of helping businesses, new and established, get their names out to the public and attract more clients we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade we’d like to share with you.

  1. Build a cohesive brand: Starting early- define the design elements which will represent your company in the visual world. Pick a color, pick a logo, pick a font, pick a tagline. More than this- consider what tone your company’s communications will be written with. Are you a family friendly casual company, or are you a more formal and established brand? Once you know what the look and message of your business is make sure that every platform your business follows these exact guidelines. From your business cards to your Facebook page, cohesive branding is essential for looking reliable and thoughtful.
  2. Find new ways to showcase your branding: Building a customer experience that drives home how special and unique your business is isn’t easy. It’s made of a million tiny details that individually may never have been noticed but together form a great experience. Consider every part of your company’s policy as an opportunity to show new clients what makes you special. Have a set greeting for employees who answer the phones, so that callers will know exactly who they have reached. Consider uniforms to help clearly identify employees and give your brand and logo another place to shine.
  3. Branch out of your own space: Get your company information out into the world in new places it might not be expected.
  4. Support a good cause: Sponsoring a charity event is a great way to get exposure while making a difference in the community. When your business gives back to good causes it links itself with a variety of passionate people who will remember your kindness and recommend your company to friends. Even if your business is small and cannot commit large amounts of time, consider asking employees to volunteer with you at an event. If you are all wearing company t-shirts people will associate your brand with hard work and community action.
As we’ve said, a great sign is just the beginning. With hard work and creativity your business can establish itself as a pillar of the community. Cohesive branding and good promotional strategy can be helped along by Israk’s signage skills.

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