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Monday, August 21, 2017

Digital Signage Solution

Digital signage israk

Digital signage displays are rapidly making their presence felt in countless settings, 
from malls to corporate boardrooms, to car dealerships and restaurants. Many of these digital 
signage solutions are deployed in the form of interactive touch screens, which enable the users
to enjoy an interactive and immersive experience.
Touch based digital signage creates a powerful opportunity for higher engagement levels, 
combined with cost efficiencies which can ultimately position organizations for much higher 
profitability. These signage solutions can be deployed in a wide range of screen sizes, from 
tablet sized kiosks used by a single user to large video walls that can be used by multiple users
in a collaborative fashion.
Apart from user experience, digital signage has other advantages over conventional signage,
such as providing new content daily in museums, banks, fast food restaurants, gas pumps, 
concession displays, etc. without physically having to replace the signs. They also allow advertisers 
to stream highly targeted messages to captive audiences, resulting in higher conversion rates.
The uses of interactive digital signage span across many industries and many applications. Here
are just a few of them:
-Retail Digital Signage enables stores to create engaging experiences to strengthen the brand 

and influence customers’ buying decisions.
-Restaurant Digital Signage lets customers place customized orders and engages them with new 
offers and promotions.
-Corporate Digital Signage enables companies to engage visitors and clients in waiting areas and
 direct them to their next meeting.
-Outdoor Digital Signage helps users in public spaces such as railway platforms, bus stops and 
airports get where they are going efficiently.
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