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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Touch Screen Monitor Increasingly Trending In Malaysia

Touch Screen Monitor, Touch Screen
Touch Screen Monitor or touch screen is getting trending in Malaysia nowadays. The use of touch screen has been widespread in Malaysia and is already in line with other developed countries. Admin itself can feel this case because every day, the demand for touch screen is very often since the year off compared to before this.

Customer demand is for the use of  touch screens kiosk or self service engines that may be found at purchasing centers, banks, hospitals and many more places. It's been trending in Malaysia, touch screen is everywhere now. Do you know? Your TV at home can also be used as a touch screen just like you use out there. How do you do?

IR Overlay Panel, Overlay Panel, Touch Screen Panel

You need one tool that is IR Overlay Panel. This tool is like a picture frame but the frame has an IR circuit board inside. Power source IR Overlay Panel uses only USB cable to make your tv operate as a Touch Screen TV. However, you need to make the USB connection to your laptop or PC only. He should not be connected to the TV. These IR Overlay Panel versions are available:

  • 6 touch
  • 10 touch
  • 20 touch
Touch Screen Monitor, Touch Screen

With the use of this IR Overlay Panel, it can reduce the cost of your TV Display purchase is available Touch Screen (Built-In). It can be said 2x double kos get this touch screen TV Display. Most IR Overlay Panels are coming from China. Various brands and qualities you can choose and kosnya not far beza. So, for those who want to get IR Overlay Panel and quality, the admin is selling too but the stock is somewhat limited at this time. If you are serious, may make Pre-Order to admin or continue to contact to our official website at


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